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Say hello to Candide - the best tool in your shed since the spade.

About Candide

Candide, drawing inspiration from Voltaire's novel of the same name, is a growing movement that encourages us all to reconnect with our gardens, and share the joy of gardening. We believe that gardening is the root of all happiness and are passionate about the multiple benefits it can bring. With Candide you can discover the latest trends and explore inspirational gardens, share with a vibrant community, grow new friendships and cultivate well-being for your mind and soul.

How do you pronounce Candide? kahn-deed

Why Candide is the gardeners' best friend

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Localised information relevant to your interests and location. Make a post, ask a question, share a tip.

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Find and follow public gardens and garden related businesses.

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Explore our comprehensive knowledge base featuring plants, pests & problems as well as a “how to” guides.

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Discover bi-weekly curated ideas, articles and tips posted by our creative horticultural team.

Who is Candide for?

In a word, everyone. The horticulturist, head gardeners, budding young green fingers, amateur gardeners, allotment fans, the urbanista, pot to plate enthusiasts, house plant aficionados, we could go on!

Built by gardeners for gardeners, Candide is transforming the way we interact with our gardens because gardening is the root of all happiness.


"Candide is packed full of child friendly information, and my kids love the tips on how to attract insects to the garden. What I really like is that you can ask for help and advice on your own plants and the community will reply."


"I've grown up in a gardening family, and the Candide app is giving me the chance to explore the joys of plants in a different way, connecting with other outdoor lovers across the world!"


"I love the Candide app as it encourages me to get out in my garden with lots of beautiful images to browse for inspiration and great gardening tips and ideas. It’s a must for a budding gardener like me."